v4.3 FULL

  • Linux Mainline Kernel 5.3.0-rc8 with KMS/DRM/GBM backend
  • Armbian v5.91 Ubuntu Bionic 18.04.3 LTS
  • Hardware acceleration with Mali r9p0 and VPU Cedrus modules
  • Kodi 19.0 M******* Alpha
  • RetroPie-Setup v4.5.1 (updated weekly)
  • EmulationStation v2.9.0 with working scraper
  • Retroarch v1.7.8
  • Nintendo DS emulation - DraStic
  • PPSSPP v1.71 (playable God of War)
  • Amiberry
  • AdvanceMAME 3.9
  • AdvMESS available for console platforms
  • New and updated libretro cores
  • Most system dependencies installed

  • v4.2 FULL - codename 'SLIM PLUS'

  • Full ROPi in ~3.2GB , almost 40%less than previous versions
  • Armbian v5.59 with many more tweaks (wifi bug should be fixed now)
  • Chromium 57.0 (faster than Firefox)
  • EmulationStation v2.8.0 featuring gridview support
  • Kodi Krypton 17.6 final
  • RetroPie-Setup v4.4.2 (updated weekly)
  • Retroarch v1.7.3
  • All Libretro cores updated
  • GPIO drivers included with NES controller support
  • PPSSPP v1.54
  • Mupen64Plus 2.5 with Rice and Glide64mk2 (hires textures support)
  • AdvanceMAME 3.8
  • AdvMESS available for console platforms
  • New Openbor (aug2018) build)
  • USB roms automount script
  • Most system dependencies installed
  • New welcome splashscreen by Nicolas Morais – thanks!

  • v4.1 Changelog

  • Latest Armbian v5.34 (Debian8 Jessie - legacy kernel 3.4.113)
  • EmulationStation v2.7.3: features kiosk/kid mode, favorites, game collections and video preview support
  • New exclusive ROPi theme (based on Attract-Mode Cosmos theme)
  • RetroPie-Setup v4.3.7 (unofficial fork updated weekly)
  • Better services compatibility: USB roms, SSelph scraper, all themes available, video splashscreens, virtual gamepad etc
  • Latest Retroarch 1.6.9 - Retroachievements tested
  • All Libretro cores updated, experimental cores available: DOSBox, MAME2014, VICE, X68000, Amiga PUAE
  • Customized Retroarch configuration (optimal settings, appearance tweaks, original aspect ratio)
  • Kodi Krypton 17.4 (hardware acceleration provided by MPV + VDPAU): IPTVsimple included, quit button fixed
  • OpenELEC (Kodi Jarvis 16.1) with CEC support by Jernej Skrabec - integrated with Armbian
  • New RetrOrangePi repository for easy updates and fixes
  • New ROPi splashscreens and logo by Stephen Miller
  • Sleep mode - puts CPU in powersave mode, blanks screen and turns off background music.
  • GPIO drivers included with NES controller support
  • Boot selection from Armbian Desktop (EmulationStation, Kodi, AdvanceMENU, RetroArch, Desktop)
  • Onscreen keyboard (Florence)
  • Overscan fix in AV outputs (Allwinner_TVOUT_manipulator)
  • New Desktop wallpaper, wifi config, ES, Kodi, Donate and Support icons
  • New HDMI/Analog AV configuration tool + our overscan fix
  • More retro tunes added
  • New exclusive ROPi Radio beta version (8BitFM, 8BitX, Gyusyabu, RPGamers, Sega and VGMRadio
  • New Quake 2 port (Yamagi Quake)
  • Improved Amiga emulation - UAE4ARM with optional WHDLoad, running from ES, fully controlled with gamepad (QJoypad)
  • PPSSPP v1.42
  • Mupen64Plus 2.5 with Rice and Glide64mk2 (hires textures support)
  • AdvanceMAME 3.5
  • AdvanceMENU frontend integrated
  • AdvanceMESS (support for ancient platforms, tested OK: Bally Astrocade, BBC Micro, Channel F, Colecovision etc.
  • Hatari 2.0 (SDL2) - atariST emulator
  • Vice 3.1 (SDL2) – Commodore emulator (available from RetroPie-Setup)
  • Custom MOTD with ROPi invader + Armbian info
  • Improved filesystem support: FAT32 automount, ExFAT support

  • Gaming Content


      Amiga AmstradPC Apple II Atari 2600 Atari 5200 Atari 7800 Atari 8bit (models 400 800 XL XE) Atari Lynx Atari ST Bally Astrocade BBC Micro Channel F Colecovision Commodore 64 Creativision Dreamcast Final Burn Alpha Frotz Infocom Game and Watch Game Boy Game Boy Advance Game Boy Colour Game Gear Intellivision LaserDisc Emulator (Daphne) MAME MasterSystem MegaDrive/Genesis MSX Neo Geo Pocket Neo Geo Pocket Color NeoGeo Nintendo 64 Nintendo NES Nintendo DS PC (DOS) PC Engine (TurboGrafx) Playstation 1 Playstation Portable SAM Coupe ScummVM Sega32x SegaCD SG-1000 Super Nintendo TI99/4A Vectrex Wonderswan ZxSpectrum Zx81


      CannonBall (Outrun engine) Cave story (lr-nxengine) Doom (lr-prboom) Duke Nukem 3D Goonies 20th anniversary Open Beats of Rage (OpenBOR) Prince of Persia - SDLPoP Quake (tyrquake) Quake 2 (yamagi quake) Super Mario War Wolfenstein3D Zelda engine - Solarus



    Banana Pi M2 Plus Beelink X2 Nano Pi M1 Orange Pi Lite Orange Pi One Orange Pi PC Orange Pi PC-Plus Orange Pi Plus Orange Pi Plus 2 Orange Pi Plus 2e Orange Pi Zero Orange Pi Zero Plus 2 H3


    Most games should run fine on ANY board up to the Sony Playstation. Things get hit and miss on Dreamcast, MAME, N64 and PSP. Games like Super Mario 64, Mario Kart, Zelda OOT (N64), Ultimate Ghosts n Goblins, LittleBigPlanet, GTA Vice City (PSP), Crazy Taxi, Sonic Adventure and Shenmue (Dreamcast) are some examples of games that run fine with a few minor issues. Conker (N64), Sega Saturn and 3DO games are NOT PLAYABLE.

    Installation instructions

    Please check our forum support page for the FAQ, howtos and tutorials