Disclaimer & info for RetrorangePi

RetrOrange Pi is a non profit project.
It consists of a basic Retropie setup with most Libretro cores on top of an Armbian Jessie Desktop version pre-installed.
It includes an OpenELEC fork as well (except v4.2).
Much of the software included in the image have non-commercial licenses. Because of this,
selling a pre-installed RetrOrangePi image is not legal, neither is including it with your commercial product!
As it relies on other people’s work with our own features, we won't be offering any help in customizations to avoid rebranding or reselling.

This is a very small project. Development happens in our (little) spare time, so be patient about bugs and things going crazy. If you appreciate RetrOrangePi, feel free to support our project and the core developers (please leave a message on our behalf). Thanks so much for those who donated already. We REALLY appreciate your help!


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Latest version is: RetrOrangePi 4.2 FULL "SLIM PLUS"

RetroStone Pi

Updated 05/09: new version with improved reliability (still WIP)

  • Better visualization in EmulationStation (GBZ35 theme), font tweaks in Armbian Desktop and terminal, Retroarch with rgui interface
  • No more kernel errors and less instability (boot failure less than 10% with branded reliable sdcards)
  • New skin for Kodi - enable from addon menu - use larger font
  • AdvanceMAME with customized controls
  • Now you can copy your roms easily, press Start - Desktop, then Applications - File Manager, insert your USB flash drive (mouse recommended)

  • Orange Pi PC Orange Pi One Orange Pi PC Plus Beelink X2 Orange Pi Plus2e Orange Pi Lite Sunvell R69 Orange Pi Zero NTSC Orange Pi Zero PAL Orange Pi Zero Plus2 H3 Banana Pi Zero Banana Pi M2+

    Please check out the official forum and report bugs so we can improve the software.

    1) Use AOMEI or similar to rebuild the sdcard partition as FAT32. 2) Initial boot and reboot should take ~3 minutes. Let it finish installation. 3) Try sdcards equal or smaller than 32GB. 4) PLEASE use our forum support!

    Instructions / Forum Support

    Update 02/09: new images going up

    RetrOrangePi 4.2 SLIM


    Banana Pi M2 ZERO Banana Pi M2+ BeeLink X2 Nano Pi M1 OrangePi Lite Orange Pi One Orange Pi 2 Orange Pi PC Orange Pi PC+ Orange Pi + 2e Orange Pi Plus Orange Pi Zero PAL version Orange Pi Zero NTSC version Orange Pi Zero Plus 2 H3 RetroStone Pi* Sunvell R69 Tritium H3

    * Updated 16/08/2018 - theme changed for better view

    Instructions / Forum Support

    RetrOrangePi 4.1


    Banana Pi M2+ BeeLink X2 Orange Pi Lite Orange Pi One Orange Pi PC Orange Pi PC+ Orange Pi + 2e Orange Pi Plus/Plus2 Orange Pi Zero PAL version* Orange Pi Zero NTSC version* Orange Pi Zero Plus 2 H3 Orange Pi 2 (coming soon) NanoPi M1(coming soon)

    * requires manual SD resizing - run script from Desktop